Anti-wrinkle Colagen 11 Ampoules of 2 ml.
Anti-wrinkle Colagen 11 Ampoules of 2 ml.

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Dermotensive action,Anti-wrinkle,Biorregenerator.


In some cases, exceptionally in very sensitive skins, Collagen ampoules it produces the first days a slight reddening that disappears when continuing the treatment.
If by any circumstance we feel fatal and our appearance does not Like, apply a vial of Colagen and once it has been absorbed, immediately After applying Colaso TensoLive cream, in this way the tone of Your skin lights up instantly.


Ingredient's Purpose

Properties of the active principles and mechanisms of action on the skin.
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C): It has a marked effectiveness and contributes decisively in the treatment against wrinkles.
It favors the secretion of precolágeno, multiplying by four the production of own collagen.
This action of Great scientific relevance was demonstrated by Pinell and collaborators in 1987 and subsequently it was confirmed in numerous trials.
In this way, fill the intercellular spaces contributing, volume, smoothness, firmness and elasticity, achieving an extraordinary cutaneous smoothing.
It is also antioxidant, neutralizes the harmful effects of oxygen free radicals on the epithelial tissue.
The properties of the rest of the collagen composition Anti-wrinkle blisters, which are Collagen, Elastin and Gotu Kola have described them in the composition of Colagen TensoLive Cream.